Design Projects
Year Three  - Fall 2022

2023 THEME

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Developed by Cinnabar Digital
George Darraj, Jackson Morgan, Zach Lifchez, and Patrick Braytony

Core is a tower defense game in which you must defend the center of your fortress from enraged goobas.

You have encroached on their holy land and the goobas desire retribution.

Shoot down as many goobas as possible while also capitalizing on the vast resources of goobaland.


Developed by Flavors
Ashvin Devaraconda, Adam Zeineldin, Marcus Lapinski, and Xavier Washington

You (the player) have the option to select between two characters (Ash and Mark) to survive the dangerous natural disasters that come your way throughout the game. Your job is to survive as long as possible without getting trapped in the midst of a disaster. Colliding with a natural disaster causes damage to your player, and the longer he's in the disaster, the more damage he will take. As you make your way past the first couple of levels, you will notice that the natural disasters get harder to escape from and severely more dangerous. Try your best to stay out of danger! Good Luck!


Developed by AVA Development
Amelia Iacoboni, Addison Michael, and Vedika Bajpai

You wake up. Your apartment is on fire. You escape with nothing but the clothes on your back. In an attempt to rebuild your life, you can choose whether to learn more about the mysteries of the fire, or ignore it and try to lead a normal life. But no matter what you do, something always seems to get in the way.

Your world falls into… entropy.


Developed by An Unnamed Team
Jason Cantermiry, Simon Green Thompson, and Jason Lu

You're a monkey in a nuclear power plant.  Go.