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AP Java


A crash course in the basics:  variables, conditionals, random numbers, input/output, and Strings.

Do battle in a code-controlled space battle to practice algorithmic thinking and Java syntax.

Loops, recursion, arrays, sorting, searching, files, and two-dimensional arrays.

Self-paced review unit while Mr. M is out on paternity leave.  Get ready for the exam!

Using the Slick 2D graphics library, a deep dive into classes, objects, inheritance, and polymorphism.

Work in teams to develop your own large-scale project while preparing for the AP Exam.

Resources and Links

Course summary, grading policies, expectations, and advice.

A handy reference for everything you'll learn in this course.

An online compiler used during parts of the C++ and Java courses.

Java practice problems from a Stanford University professor

Java Tutorials from a veteran Software Developer

Provides Java Tutorials on YouTube for beginner programmers

AP Practice Problems and Tests for both Principles and Java

Taking AP Java next year?  Everything you need is here.