Dulaney High School

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Course Information

An introductory course in Computer Science using Processing, a Java-based language for graphical and creative coding.

Requires previous completion of Foundations of CS or high levels of motivation and ability.

Officially called "AP Computer Science A", this course is a deep dive into writing code in Java. It has a strong emphasis on data structures and object oriented programming.

Requires completion of AP CS Principles.

The capstone course for our Computer Science Program. Students work in teams to design their own advanced projects.

Requires completion of AP Java

Resources and Links

Requesting a letter from Mal? Visit this page first.

Learn about the course sequence and how to start coding.

Taking AP Java next year? Everything you need is here.

AP Practice Problems and Tests for both Principles and Java

Programming language used in AP CS Principles

An online compiler used during parts of the C++ and Java courses.

Java practice problems

Special Projects

A gentle introduction to problem solving in AP Principles featuring Karel the Robot.

Students build a Space Shooter game together as the final project in AP Principles.

Code an AI controlled team to do battle in a class tournament during AP Java