Design Projects
Year Two - Fall 2022

2022 THEME

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Developed by Cool Math Games
Bhargav Srinivasan, Shiqi Yang, Logan Tao, and William Lamousin

An AI system has gone rogue! It's heading back in time to achieve world domination. Imaging what would happen if the AI were to rewrite all of history as we know it. Your job is to fight it on two fronts, one as a soldier from the past, and as Batguy, a hero from the future. Be careful though, the projectiles you shoot as a soldier will interfere with Batguy's journey back. Good Luck!


 - WASD to move and "S" to crouch

  - Left click to shoot

  - Escape to pause


Developed by Horde Games
Hassan Farah, Aaron Ren, Grayson Curran, and Paul McFall

Welcome to DIECHOTOMY - A 2D top-down shooter where you fight off strong enemies to protect the hub - a collection of buildings with helpful residents.   There is a legend that tells of a cursed period where these monsters are much stronger than usual at night, and weakens those who set out to slay them.  Fight through hordes of these horrible fiends, upgrade your gear, protect the hub.


WASD - Move Character

LMB - Shoot


Developed by Seahaze Studios
Davy Ling, Andrew Hu, Henry Zhang, and Anthony Hennawi

In the dark of night, those who look may discover new sides of themselves. The protagonist must navigate through obstacles in his world while his spirit simultaneously must navigate the dream world. Make your way through both worlds in this dichromatic puzzle adventure.


W - move both players up

A - move left player left; right player right

S - move both down

D - move left player right; right player left

ESC - return to title screen

F2 - take a screenshot (saved in ./screenshots)

This game has music and sound. Please make sure that your speaker/headphones are turned on and audible.


Developed by Lang Biáng Corp
George Feibusch, Luna Miranda, Nerissa Wong, and Aidan Hanley

CRACK! BOOM! The sound of thunder roars through your house and jolts you awake. Now, equipped with only your flashlight, you must work to overcome your fears of the dark and the pitfalls of your imagination to turn the lights back on. 

BLACKOUT is a fully immersive platformeresque adventure game in which you will rely on your skills to avoid monsters while navigating through your house to turn the lights back on.


Developed by Stack Overflow Games
Colby Betterton and Tyler Dailey

YinYang is a 2D topdown dungeon crawler. Yin and Yang have been split apart by the evil Gray Man. He has kidnapped Yang and trapped him in a deep dungeon and Yin has come to save him. You alternate between fighting with Yin, going downwards into the dungeon, and Yang, fighting upwards out of the dungeon. Be careful, you'll face harsh enemies and rigorous puzzles along the way.


Developed by The Blue Team
David Guan, Brady Baxter, and Ryan Stein

Switchback is a dynamic platformer that allows the player to switch between worlds in order to escape the castle.  Along your way, watch out for spikes and lava and make sure you collect the keys in order to unlock the door and escape!  Get through the whole castle and a special prize will be waiting for you at the end...


 -WASD to move 

 -SPACE to switch between worlds. 


Developed by Midgame
Garrett Franklin, Jacob Hauptman, and Storm Wassel

Posibility. What is Posiibleity? It is a dream (not somnium). In this truly epic adventure, you must travel through level to level--switching the very gravity that holds your feet to the ground--and get rides from a strange, almost ghostly material, to reach the end of the level. So what is POsoba;iorty? The ultimate adventure