Design Projects
Year One - Fall 2021

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Developed by Peak Coding Coin
Andrew Cupps, Ryan Tiedemann, Esha Singhai, and Josh Garofalo

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ALPACA is a sci-fi action-adventure game in which your player must travel through a map to collect items and gain new abilities. 

Throughout the game, you will have to defeat enemies to unlock and explore new worlds. 

* Voted Best Art and User Interface*


Developed by Steven Studios
Alan Liu, Josh Lin, Steven Kuo, and Steven Ying

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JARVIS (Just Another Random VIdeogame Sandbox) is an open world 2D sandbox game based on Terraria with random world generation. 

Featuring unique enemies, multiple biomes, and a gun, JARVIS combines the features of adventure, building, and combat. Items can be used with left and right click, with different functionality for each option. 

* Voted Best Technical Accomplishment *


Developed by Falcon Studios
Alex Shaw, Andrew Podles, and Ben Lipchin

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Dixie Farming is a farming simulator game in which the player must manage a farm in order to earn money and upgrade themselves. 

The player can buy seeds and tools from the shopping district. Using these items, the player can use a hoe to till the soil, plant the seeds, and harvest the crops once they are fully grown. 

Be sure to sleep in your house during night or you will lose health. Enjoy working on your successful farm! 


Developed by Gecko Inc
Jakub Kotoulek, Antonio Deneer, Matt Lin, and Johnathan Mann

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Quest is a Mario-style-platformer that rewards precise jumping. 

Progress through 5 different worlds by overcoming multiple obstacles such as lava, mutant turtles, and deadly birds. 

And if you are up for a challenge, try beating it on INSANE. 

* Voted Best Gameplay Experience *


Developed by Goblin Studios
Atticus Nemeroff, King Okolo, and Max Murphey

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Enter into the realm of Cave Adventures. A young courageous player has entered a cave and finds themselves with no way out but going further down. 

Beginning with a novice sword and bow, they will navigate through different areas, finding coins and buying more advanced weapons, and get closer to finding out the truth to their escape. 

Come! Embark on this journey! But beware, you may never return. 


Developed by Adventure Studios
Ananya Jagdish, Shrayaa Jayapal, Shay Sehgal, and Elise Tinker

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In Collector of Peace, Dorian and Garry embark on a perilous journey as they fight against the evil soldiers. In order to hold their own, they collect the special chess pieces that grant them powers.

Fight as Dorian and advance through the levels to collect the chess pieces. Defeat all of the enemies with the help of your trusted companion Garry. A s you progress, your chess pieces will allow you to unlock new abilities.


Developed by Gold Studios
Alexander Peroviskikh and Zach Mohammedi

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Forge Enlightened is a real-time tower defense style game, set in a fantasy desert world. You can place various towers such as the Archer Tower to defend from different types of enemies such as Wolves, Giants, Goblins, and Spiders, each with their own unique traits.

Your primary goal is to defend your castle from the relentless assault of the enemies across a number of waves. If your castle walls are breached, your kingdom is overthrown and you lose the game.