Project 2.4: Bounce
Balls that bounce off the edge of the screen


  • Your program will have at least two balls that bounce off the edges of the screen

    • They should properly reflect at the correct angle

    • They can phase through each other - don't worry about collisions

  • Each ball should...

    • Start at a different location on the screen

    • Have a different xSpeed and ySpeed

FAQ / Tips

  • Progression Advice

    • Draw a single stationary ball

    • Make the ball move

    • Make the ball bounce off the edge

    • Repeat with a second ball

  • Wait, but how do I make the ball bounce?

  • Is there a way to do this program without repeating so much code?

    • Yes - but it's beyond your powers right now. We'll come back to this!

  • I know it's not required, but ... how do I make the balls hit each other?

    • You'll need to see if one ball is inside of the other one. You have their x positions and y positions, as well as their sizes. If one ball is within another's radius....

A "DVD" is an ancient form of technology that your elders used to watch for entertainment.


Lines were added to show predicted motion. They are not displayed in the program.