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Astraeus is a real-time space strategy game which is played by two teams. Each team is entirely autonomous: controlled exclusively by the artificial intelligence you code.

Your goal is simple: harvest resources, build units, and defeat the enemy base ship. The path to victory is far more challenging, as it will require thoughtful problem solving and developing clever algorithms.



  • My First Team

  • Settings and Controls

  • Building Units

  • Unit Archetypes

  • Fleet Composition

  • Minimum Range and Mining

  • Unit Tactics

  • Team Strategy


  • Resource Benchmarking

  • Accuracy and Dodging

  • Smart Searching

  • Resource Priorities

  • Dynamic Unit Design

  • Independent Attack and Movement

  • Circling Objects

  • Raiding


  • Resource Tossing

  • Transport Ships

  • Distress System


The Basics

  • Your grade is determined based on how many opponents from The Pantheon that you can defeat.

  • Your team is given a 5% to 15% bonus to your ships' structure, plating, and shields.

  • You'll have a chance to test your teams in two ways: Practice and Trials.

    • Practice - You can bring your teams up to test at least once per period. Not graded!

    • Trials - Your group is be assigned dates to challenge the gods for points.

    • In both cases, you'll turn in your code to Mr. M via a flash drive.

Climbing Olympus

  • During a trial you can keep progressing until your team has lost two matches.

    • It is strongly recommend that groups submit for every available trial opportunity.

  • Wins you earn on the trials are permanently added to your team's score.

  • Progress by defeating the gods

    • Gods have their own maps that favor their strategies.

    • As you progress up the tiers, gods become more complex and your bonus decreases.


  • Once you have defeated the Pantheon with the normal modifiers, you can attempt two challenges

    • Heroic Challenge - Defeat all nine gods in even matches

    • Mythic Challenge - Defeat all nine gods at a 5% penalty

Grading Scale

Tier Zero

0 50%

Tier One

1 60%

2 70%

3 75%

Tier Two

4 80%

5 85%

6 90%

Tier Three

7 94%

8 97%

9 100%


Heroic 105%

Mythic 110%

Note: C++ Students are graded as if they are one level lower on this scale.
For example: 5 wins is an 80%


(15% BONUS)

Ares Gunner / Armorer

  • Uses kinetic weapons and plating

  • Favors medium and heavy frames

  • Map is mineral and asteroid heavy

Poseidon Lancer / Guardian

  • Uses energy weapons and shields

  • Focus on pulling and control effects

  • Map is derelict and tech heavy

Artemis Blaster / Sniper

  • Uses missile weapons

  • Focuses on long-range combat

  • Map has resources in the center


(10% BONUS)

Hermes Pilot / Scout

  • Uses hit and run attacks

  • Favors light and medium frames

  • Map has resources at top and bottom

Dionysus Miner / Trader

  • Builds up for one massive attack

  • Favors buffs and disruption

  • Territory has resources on left and right

Hades Expert / Guardian

  • Applies negative conditions

  • Favors light and assault frames

  • Uses cloaked units


(5% BONUS)

Apollo Mechanic / Armorer

  • Uses healing extensively

  • Map has no free floating resources

Athena Miner / Sniper

  • Adapts units to your composition

  • Defensive fleet that fights in formation

Zeus Expert / Scout

  • Flexible and fast moving fleet

  • Has tools for every situation


  • We will have a small tournament for each class.

  • The top four teams in each class will go on to the cross-class finals (16 teams)

  • Winning teams will earn extra credit.