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Astraeus is a real-time space strategy game which is played by two teams. Each team is entirely autonomous: controlled exclusively by the artificial intelligence you code.

Your goal is simple: harvest resources, build units, and defeat the enemy base ship. The path to victory is far more challenging, as it will require thoughtful problem solving and developing clever algorithms.



Day Four

Day Five

Day Six

Day Seven


Possible Topics

  • Raiding

  • Resource Manager

  • Resource Throwing

  • Distress System


The Basics

  • Your grade is determined based on how many opponents from The Pantheon that you can defeat.

  • Your team is given a 10% to 30% bonus to health, damage, and resource income.

  • You'll have a chance to test your teams in two ways: Practice and Trials.

    • Practice - You can bring your teams up to test at least once per period. Not graded!

    • Trials - Your group is be assigned dates to challenge the gods for points.

    • In both cases, you'll turn in your code to Mr. M via a flash drive.

Climbing Olympus

  • During a trial you can attempt to battle every god in one match

    • To record a win, you must win two games in a row.

    • If you lose, you will move on to the next god.

  • Wins you earn on the trials are permanently added to your team's score.

  • Progress by defeating the gods

    • Gods have their own maps that favor their strategies.

    • As you progress up the tiers, gods become more complex and your bonus decreases.


  • Once you have defeated the Pantheon with the normal modifiers, you can attempt two challenges

    • Heroic Challenge - Defeat all nine gods in even matches

    • Mythic Challenge - Defeat all nine gods at a 5% penalty

Grading Scale

Tier Zero

0 50%

Tier One

1 60%

2 70%

3 75%

Tier Two

4 80%

5 85%

6 90%

Tier Three

7 94%

8 97%

9 100%


Heroic 105%

Mythic 110%


(30% BONUS)

Ares Gunner / Armorer

  • Direct attacker

  • Favors heavy frames with plating

  • Map: Arena of Glory

Poseidon Lancer / Guardian

  • Pushes in waves and pulls your units

  • Favors medium frames with shields

  • Map: Rocky Shoals

Artemis Blaster / Sniper

  • Hit and run tactics

  • Focuses on long-range weapons

  • Map: Hunting Grounds


(20% BONUS)

Hermes Pilot / Scout

  • Rushes your worker units

  • Favors light frames

  • Map: Glittering Path

Dionysus Miner / Trader

  • Builds up for one massive attack

  • Favors assault frames

  • Map: Hidden Reserve

Apollo Engineer / Mechanic

  • Engages in extended fights

  • Favors structure and healing

  • Map: Delphi Temple


(10% BONUS)

Hades Guardian / Expert

  • Uses advanced weapons

  • Applies negative conditions

  • Map: River Styx

Athena Miner / Sniper

  • Adapts units to your composition

  • Defensive fleet that fights in formation

  • Map: Rings of War

Zeus Scout / Trader

  • Flexible and fast moving fleet

  • Has tools for every situation

  • Map: Mount Olympus


  • We will have a small tournament for each class.

  • The top four teams in each class will go on to the cross-class finals (16 teams)

  • Winning teams will earn extra credit.

    • Top 8 +4% on project

    • Top 4 +6% on project

    • Top 2 +8% on project

    • Winner +10% on project