Final Project



Build your own retro space shooter game with different enemies, upgrades, and special effects.

Example Projects



First Steps

Adding Content




    • Conditions


    • Damage Effect

    • Explosions

    • Animation

    • Parallax Background

    • Audio

*** While this page is being finished, please see the OLD DESIGN DOCUMENT for more ***


Grading Procedures

    • On each due date, students will turn in their assignment in class and complete a Google Form estimating their progress on the rubric.

    • A student will be graded based on the rubric shown below.

    • The expectations for each checkpoint are shown to the right.

    • Submission penalties

      • Late project -20%

      • No form or inaccurate form submission - 20%

      • No code or no executable - 20%


Q4 Grade

Late May

Rubric Points


Point Value (Q4)



Final Exam Grade

Mid June

Rubric Points


This is your entire final exam grade.


System [5]

Enemy Health At least some of the enemies in your game have health (do not die in one hit)

Enemy Waves Enemies spawn in waves / levels as the game progresses

Title Screen Must contain a title, image, and a button or key to start game

Pause Screen This can double as a screen for your progression system

Win / Loss Screen At least one end game state.

Player [5]

Controls Four way movement, stays on screen, has shot cooldown.

⧠ Lives and Respawn Player has multiple lives and can respawn

Progression System Experience, Shop, or Roguelike upgrade system must be implemented.

Upgrade #1 Must change behavior, not just numbers

Upgrade #2 Must change behavior, not just numbers

Enemies [5]

Enemy #1 Must have unique silhouette, movement pattern, and attack pattern

Enemy #2 Must have unique silhouette, movement pattern, and attack pattern

Enemy #3 Must have unique silhouette, movement pattern, and attack pattern

Enemy #4 Must have unique silhouette, movement pattern, and attack pattern

Boss Must have at least two scripted behaviors

User Interface [5]

Dynamic Background Animated stars OR a background with parallax scrolling effect

Controls Shown In Game Can be shown during gameplay or on an instructions screen

⧠ Explosions An explosion or similar effect in response to object destruction

⧠ Damage Effect Any effect that is a visual response to damage (shields, color change, etc)

Artwork All art is student-created and has a consistent theme

Bonus Features [∞]

Restart Can restart the game from title / end state. Must work properly on second run,

Sound / Music To use audio, make sure you download the full version of processing

Conditions Ongoing status effects like slow, stun, fire, freezing.

Advanced Background More complex animations, screen scrolling, or a parallax background image

Neutral Objects Asteroids, black holes, or other objects the user can interact with that aren't enemies

Save / Load The player can save their game's state, or it tracks a metaprogression system

Difficulty Modes The game has different difficulty modes the user can choose from

Rotation The player or enemies can rotate 360 degrees

Multiplayer Two players can share a keyboard and battle together!