The Coder's Handbook



The Coder's Handbook

This is a document that Mr. M wrote to provide you all with a quick summary of information when learning Java. Think of this as your textbook for the course.

Reading Assignments

Throughout the class, you’re going to be asked to read this document. For some of you, this is going to be the best way to learn content. For others, it will reinforce Mr. M’s lectures in class. For others, you may already know all this stuff and use it as a reference manual.

So when given an assignment to read, you’re faced with a choice:

  • Read it carefully and take notes

  • Skim it

  • Don’t read it

This choice is up to you. You need to make a judgement about your comfort with the content in each section! During quizzes, tests, and projects you’ll be asked to demonstrate this knowledge.

Advice: Most students find they benefit from doing the reading BEFORE the lecture on the same topic.

Video Tutorials

At the bottom of most page are additional resources. Most commonly, these are videos from the YouTube channel of a friendly programmer named Alex Lee.

Unless otherwise stated on the main class page, the video tutorials are optional. Quizzes and Tests are designed based on the document + class lectures, not supplemental video tutorials.

However, they are very useful for the following reasons:

  • Some people learn better through video

  • They can help demonstrate a tricky concept

  • If you miss class, this might help you catch up