Project 6.3: Fireworks Extended
Make different types of fireworks with each click


Create three Particle subclasses with unique behavior

    • The user creates three different types of particles when they LEFT, CENTER, or RIGHT click on the screen.

    • Each particle must have three unique elements, one from each of the categories listed below. Projects with less distinct particles will not earn full credit.

      • You're allowed to reuse the trait of one particle in another, but it won't count as a unique feature twice.

    • In the list below, difficulty of an option is listed in number of stars on a scale of 1 to 5. It's up to you to figure out how to implement the details - if you're stuck on a complex one, try something simpler to start.

Suggested Particle Traits

(1) Appearance

    • Color

    • Size

    • Shape / Image

(2) Motion

    • Explosion Force Values

    • Gravity / Wind Values

    • Special Movement Patterns ★ - ★★★★★

    • Spawns more particles as it moves ★★★★

    • Rocket from bottom moves up then explodes ★★★★

(3) Special Effect

    • Flickers / Shimmers

    • Fades over time ★★

    • Changes size over time ★★

    • Changes color over time ★★★

    • Leaves trails ★★★★


  • GreenConfetti is a rectangle in shades of green that has a really big burst at the start and flickers.

  • RainbowFade is a circle in random colors that falls very slowly and both changes size and fades over time.

  • BottleRocket has an image of a rocket that flies from the bottom of the screen to the mouse and trails fire then explodes making normal basic fireworks.

  • WavyFall is a circle in shades of gold that falls in a sin curve pattern. It fades over time and leaves trails.


1) Create a Basic Particle Subclass

      • Make a new tab and give it a name to match you first Particle subclass.

      • Create the class and a constructor call to the Particle superclass


class GreenSparkly extends Particle







2) Update Your Click Event

      • Update your mousePressed() method to only create this type of particle on a LEFT click.

      • Instead of making a generic particle, you'll want to make a BlueSparkly.


void mousePressed()


if(mouseButton == LEFT)


for(int i = 0 ; i < 30; i++)


particles.add(new GreenSparkly());




At this stage when you run the program, it will still look like basic particles. Test that it runs okay, and we'll change that soon!

3) Make Your Particle Unique

      • Add code to the constructor and override methods as needed to achieve your goal.

      • For instance, this class makes all the particles blue instead of rainbow. It changes the blue shade every frame to create a shimmer effect.

class GreenSparkly extends Particle





r = 0;

b = 0;


void update()



h = (int) random(100, 255);



You should see green shimmering particles now. What else can you do to make this firework unique?

4) Add Sufficient Details To Meet Requirement

      • Every particle needs a unique appearance, motion, and special effect. The example above needs to add some motion to count for full credit.

5) Add Particle #2 and #3

      • Repeat the process for two new particles that appear on CENTER and RIGHT clicks.


Students can earn up to 10% extra credit by making especially complex and impressive fireworks.


Click here to download a running version of the program. <COMING SOON>