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AP Java

Syllabus 2022-2023

Course Summary

In this course, you'll be taking a deep dive into the Java Programming language. We'll start with small-scale console programs to review and translate what you learned in AP CS Principles. As time moves on, we'll introduce graphics and more advanced topics like Object Oriented Programming. Eventually, you'll be building your own large-scale program with a team of your peers.


  • Flash Drive

  • Pencil or Pen

Unit Outline

  • Unit One - Basics
    Write console applications in Java. Review and master variables, conditionals, and loops. (Q1)

  • Unit Two - Arrays
    Learn about object oriented design and review arrays in a Java context. (Q1)

  • Unit Three - AP Review
    A self-guided unit while Mr. M is out on paternity leave. Review and refine your skills and prepare for the AP Exam.

  • Unit Four - Graphics
    Make bigger, object-oriented programs (Q2-Q3)

  • Unit Five - Astraeus
    Design an AI to compete in a strategic space battle. (Q3)

  • Unit Six - Design
    Build your own program in a team while studying for the AP Exam (Q4)


  • This course uses "total points" rather than percentage categories.

  • Projects (~50%)

    • Writing code and submitting programs

    • This typically is the highest part of a student's grade

    • Late projects are accepted for up to 80% credit.

  • Quizzes (~15%)

    • Taken in school, synchronous, no notes

    • Uses Schoology multiple choice, matching, true/false.

    • Focus on vocabulary / concepts

    • No Redos

  • Tests (~35%)

    • Taken in school, synchronous, no notes

    • Paper Test: Free response, write code by hand

    • Focus on syntax

    • One redo allowed, but has a maximum score of 80%

      • Note: The second score will be recorded as the grade, even if it is lower than the first.


  • The difficulty of this course is going to be highly dependent on how many skills you mastered last year.

  • It is absolutely critical that you keep pace with the class and lectures. Falling tends to snowball into a big problem.

  • You can get help from peers, but you can't take their code and submit it as your own - that's cheating.

    • If caught cheating, Mr. M will smite you.

    • But much worse: you won't learn the content!

    • Your grade will be destroyed on quizzes / tests, and you will bomb the AP Exam.

    • Instead invest in yourself. This is extra important if you plan to go on in computer science.