Setting Up Processing and Roboquest

Making A Folder For This Class

    • Make a folder on your flash drive called Computer Science.

      • If you do not have a flash drive yet, you can make this in your home directory. You'll likely need to move it later.


    • Processing is a programming language and an editor.

    • You'll use processing to write code!

      • Eventually, we'll be doing programs from scratch using Processing itself.

Unzipping A Zip File

    • The file you just downloaded is called a Zip File.

    • This is a compressed folder that makes it easier to download quickly.

  1. Open up the Zip File. You'll know it's the zip because of the zipper icon.

2. Open up a new window so you have two windows. The second window should open up the zip file.

3. Take the inner folder and move it to your Computer Science folder

4. Wait until the file is copied. This may take a little time.

5. Go back to your Computer Science folder and delete the original zip file.

  • You can drag it to the trash, hit the delete key, or right-click and select delete.

5. Open Up Processing

  • You may get a "Blue Screen" that warns you the first time you open it on school computers

  • If so, Click "More Info" then Select "Run Anyway"

  • You should then see a blank processing project.

  • You've set up Processing!

  • One last step to go....


    • Roboquest is a program that Mr. M wrote to help you learn the basics.

  1. Repeat process you just did with Processing to unzip the Roboquest file and delete the original zip file.

  2. It should be side-by-size with Processing in your Computer Science Folder