Grading Checkpoints
How your Design + Capstone checkpoints will be graded


  • Every checkpoint is graded on the tier system below (0, 50, 65, 75, 85, 95, 105)

  • Mr. M will be looking for the following:

    • How well you met your goals

    • For missed or delayed goals, both your communication on the issue + its relative difficulty

S Tier (105%)

Your project goes above and beyond expectations

To get an S, it means that you have...

  • Exceeded your goals, either through one or both of the following:

    1. Substantial progress into future checkpoint goals.

    2. Exceptional implementation of all current goals.

  • No goals were reduced or delayed during this last checkpoint, unless they were replaced with other equally (or more ambitious) content.

A Tier (95%)

Your project is on track

To get an A, it means that you have...

  • Met your goals

  • Approval for any goal modifications well in advance of the checkpoint

B Tier (85%)

Your project is a little bit off

If you got a B, it means you might...

  • Be missing a minor goal

  • Modified a major goal with approval, but at the last minute

C Tier (75%)

Your project has a problems

If you got a C, it means you might...

  • Be missing up to 25% of your goals

  • Significantly changed your project at the last minute

D Tier (65%)

Your project is in danger of failing

If you got a D, it means you might...

  • Be missing up to 50% of your goals

  • Have a program that technically runs, but is out of date or unstable.

E Tier (50%)

Your project is in shambles

If you got an E, it means you might...

  • Be missing up to 75% of your goals

  • Not have a running program

Null Tier (0%)

Your project does not exist

If you scored a 0, it means you might have...

  • Failed to progress on your goals

  • Not submitted anything

  • Made a terrible mistake that you will rue for eternity