Final Projects
Year Two - Spring 2023

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Developed by Peru Cloud
Maddox Christianson, Lily Xu, and Jason Cantemiry


Up above Peru you are jumping on blue platforms in the sky. Watch out for birds, broken platforms, and red death platforms. Follow the mouse to move left and right and land on the blue platforms to gain height.


Developed by SEJA Corp
Joyce Martinez, Amelia Iacoboni, Emily Phan, and Sania Kala


On this earth full of brain rotting zombies, a brilliant pair of siblings are tasked to go on a conquest of finding ingredients to make “The Cure” that will eventually save the World and end this invasion of zombies. 

Join in on their adventure as they uncover secrets of  the past Earth, fight zombies, and solve puzzles to find this final cure and save the world!


Developed by ???
Mayank Banerjee, Zach Lifchez, and Xavier Washington


Immortal Kombat is a high flying superhero fighting game. Play as Superman, Homelander, Ultraman, and more in order to defeat your opponent and prove your strength.

Along with the normal pvp, the is also a playable storymode where you must defeat all in your path of destruction in order to face the final boss: Bhargav the Terrible.

Fight till your heart's content and may the best player win!



Developed by Monkey Business
George Darraj, Jackson Morgan, Patrick Brayton, and Jason Lu


Frey Battle Simulator is about a remote place filled with gang

wars and illicit activities where you must catch powerful creatures called exotics to defend yourself.

Extreme tensions between multiple parties have been arising over the control of Monkey Town, a valuable crossroad for illegal hand sanitizer smuggling. Many opposing groups have been going all out to capture Monkey Town in order to foster their nefarious plots. One person by the name of Frey has been building up behind the scenes to try and seize control over Monkey Town and all surrounding areas by summoning a godly exotic.

You must stop Frey's god of an exotic and put an end to multiple gangs and government organizations in order

to restore peace to Monkey Town and its neighboring regions.


Developed by Flavors, Inc
Marcus Lapinski, Adam Zeineldin, and Ashvin Devaraconda


Our game is the true original version of Plants Vs Zombies. 

It is a level based game where swarms of mummies come rushing to you and your only defence is a bunch of plants? 

Yes, mutant plants that can damage the zombies or gain energy to make more plants. 

Defend the wave of zombies and you win!


Developed by RAM
Riya Mihale, Addison Michael, and Mingni Dong


Goal: Earn $10,000   Sell and grow plants to make money. 

To grow a plant, go to the Shop and first purchase soil and water.  Hover over the plant to learn about it.  

Click to buy it! They will grow and accumulate value over time. Click the plot to sell them! 

Click on the watering can and then the plot to add water to the plot!


Developed by Wray Industries
Dvij Raicha, Zach Silao, Hugh DeBrabander, and Simon Green Thompson


Enter the mysterious mind of Dvij Raicha

You must choose between two characters that represent Dvij's ideal life, a mom or a soccer player.

Then you will then find yourself in a forest surrounded by Dvij's opps such as Bhargav, Hassan, Ashvin, etc. 

To save Dvij's brilliant mind, you must kill his opps and gather 3 crystals per level that are corrupting his brain. Dvij's mind is corrupted in 5 different sectors, travel through them while picking up new weapons along the way.  SAVE HIM NOW!

You can also test your skill in Onslaught mode. Here Dvij's opps just keep coming.  How long will you make it?


Developed by FIT
Vandana Madhusudan, Vedika Bajpai, and Khizar Qazi


After years of running from horrific monsters, you have decided to find the absolute cure for this 20-year long apocalypse. You will be The First of Them to save the world!

Objective: Navigate to the ending of the maze, dodging the monsters that chase you around


Developed by ????
Ying Meng, Caitlin Elliot, Jason Longley, and Ryan Longley


This skeleton of a project is just a glimpse into a rollercoaster of character development, awesome backstories, and unique, riveting gamplay! With inspiration from tower defense games, the player must fend off waves of attacks from AI robots that are trying to wipe out what is left of humanity! Create your own teams of different characters, and try to conquer all 10 levels! (Note: As of now, only tutorial is available.) Then, find out why the game is a battle against oneself...