Final Projects
Year One - Spring 2022

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Developed by Cool Math Games
Shiqi Yang, Bhargav Srinivansan, and William Lamousin


The player is a ball that swings around levels and tries to get the target. The challenge is to get through each level without a death and with the least clicks possible.


Left click for Sticky beam

Right Click to Unstick

R to go back to menu

ESC to pause


Developed by Grogu Games
Jack McLaren, Colby Betterton, Tyler Dailey, and Scott Hightower


Jedi Upgrade is a progressive side scroller. Each stage gets harders.  There are many different blocks and one enemy. The clouds move, the spikes take a life from you, and the storm trooper takes a life unless you jump on his head. If you lose a life, you will restart that stage. If you lose all three lives you will restart the all the stages. Each time you lose all three lives you will be given a score. This score will save, even if you exit the program. You can vist the shop to spend your score to buy cosmetic items such as a cowboy hat and a different color characters.


Developed by Girl Power Inc
Sarah Ikonomi, Storm Wassel, Jake Munses, and Jacob Hauptman


Knight that is climbing the tower to rain supreme as the leader of the world. He must face enemies and climbing obstacles to reach the top and save the Lord Farquad.


Developed by Bean Chilling Corp
Kelly Chen, Julie Lin, and Johnson Yang


Free, action, adventure, fantasy, gacha, strategy MMORPG with stunning visuals, exhilarating gameplay, and inactive mechanics using Gen Z's most beloved characters, celebrities, and more!

Players will use currency to gamble for their beloved waifus and husbandos. 



Developed by Luftschloss Industries
Luna Miranda, George Feibusch, Ryan Stein, and Logan Tao


RPG Squared is a Role-Playing-Game that puts you in the shoes of a RPG wielding soldier. This game has a top-down format, which allows you to be able to solve puzzles and advance through the levels to beat the game! On the way, you may encounter unexpected obstacles or traps that may try to prevent you from reaching your goal, so stay vigilant and never give up! Now off to adventure! Good luck!


Developed by Questionmark Studios
Richard Lee and Hassan Farah


In a world where all color has been removed...

Three brave warriors fight against the threat of neutral colors...

In this color themed platformer, you have the ability to play as three different characters as you traverse a world of unique obstacles, formidable foes, and worst of all - neutral colors! 

Each character will have a different ability, and you will need to utilize the switching mechanic in order to roam through this world.


Developed by Chronic Phonies
Sofiia Lukianenko, Grayson Curran, and Henry Zhang


Legendary sword is the dungeon crawling experience you've been waiting for since 1972 BC. Fight through HORDES of dangerous enemies with your loyal Gun and save the princ...LEGENDARY BATTERIES from the paws of the evil fiends. Use the batteries to power up your sword and fulfill the ancient prophecy. Make sure to read the manual. VERY IMPORTANT.

(PS. We're LYING about the manual. There is no manual. You've been LIED TO. *its on brand) Do not die, its too good for your health.


Developed by Midgame
Garrett Franklin, Chase Michaelides, Justin Griner


Welcome to Andy's Adventure by Midgame.



Developed by Seahaze Studios
Davy Ling, Andrew Hu, Aaron Chen, and Alex Jones


You live in an RPG world - but your moves are cards.

Travel the world, visit cities, interact with villagers, and fight bosses in this epic game.

Forge your path forward as you embark on your hero's journey in a fantasy world.


Developed by Bluff Enterprises
Brady Baxter, David Guan, and Joe Pichney


Casino style design with multiple game modes.

Play the classic BlackJack game against a dealer, take a swing at slots, and try your luck at Trash.

And yes, since you asked, there is betting :)


Developed by Nintando
Jimmy Zhu, Timmothy Sun, and Loren Lee


Taking one of the most beloved features of Pokemon we present Pokemon Battle Simulator!!

Using one of the Gen 1 starter Pokemon, Eevee, or another famous pokemon, you will fight an AI in a turn-based battle hoping to defeat all their Pokemon before they defeat yours. Defeat all the levels to win! But the levels will get progressively harder so be smart with your moves.


Developed by Siegfried
Anthony Hennawi, David McIntyre, and Gretchen Schwarzkopf


Welcome to Monkey Knight! In this game, you control the titular character Monkey Knight as he navigates his way through a land of strange enemies and stranger platform placements.

Monkey Knight's uses the power of bananas to defeat his foes.  Throw them using the 'J' key.  Beware - If Monkey Knight contacts his enemies directly he will be vanquished!


Developed by Natarajan
Nandhini Natarajan


You are a farmer in charge of taking care of your crops (carrot, corn and tomatoes).

Use the arrow keys to move around your farm and plant and harvest your crops. You may not harvest a crop while it is a seed!

The weather will affect the crop yield and will impact the growing season. Hot day may kill some crops while rainy weather will help your crops grow faster. 


Developed by Aerial Surveillence
Aiden Hanley, Aaron Ren, Madelyn Brown, and Caroline Williams


Trello Download Feedback

In this top down, 2D, puzzle-adventure game you will explore an abandoned city. Scattered throughout the city are different puzzles to complete, but don't worry you will be awarded for your achievements with ... JUNK?! 

Complete all of the puzzles and discover the mystery of the strange city, but remain vigilant as you have a looming feeling that you are being watched.