Project #3: Story
Tell a procedurally generated story



  • You'll be a given a code framework to help you read from a file

  • You must handle the following keywords: adjective, emotion, noun, name, pronoun, place, verb

  • Each keyword needs to have a few options

    • You mus have at least three random choices for most keywords

    • You must have at least two pronouns in your project, connected back to character names.


Part A - A

    • a

Part B - B

  • a


Story Format

<name> goes out and <verb> a <noun>. <pronoun> later goes to the <place>. <pronoun> felt <adjective> <emotion>.

Story #1

Vladimir Putin goes out and picks up a #1 dad coffee mug. He later goes to the endless void of space. He felt incredibly sad.

Story #2

Captain Marvel goes out and hurls a burrito. She later goes to the computer lab. She felt fairly enraged.

Story #3

Bilbo Baggins goes out and dances with a flash drive. He later goes to the library. He felt somewhat happy.