Project #1: Friend
A friendly chatbot that asks questions and offers encouraging replies



  • You must have at least 5 questions

  • Each question must offer at least 3 user choices

  • Your response should clearly demonstrate that it is tailored to the user selection

  • Your answers must be positive, friendly, and school appropriate.


Part A - Question and Answer

    • Write a a section of code that asks the user a question as follows:

      • Print a question to the console with appropriate answers listed in parentheses (see below)

      • Print out a “>” symbol then collect and store user input

      • Print out an appropriate response

    • This code may be divided into methods, but that is optional since we haven't reviewed it yet.

      • Hint: When adding methods, they will need to have the word "static" in front of them because they're not in a class.

Part B - Formatting & Error Checking

  • Your program should disregard capitalization.

  • Your program only needs to accept one-word answers.

  • If a user types in a message that wasn’t a choice, it must output a message saying that is not an option

    • You can choose how to phrase this; you may be sassy, but not mean.


Who is your favorite Avenger? (IronMan, CaptainAmerica, SpiderMan)

> ironman

Who isn’t a fan of Tony Stark? I love him 3000.

Who is your favorite fantasy author? (Sanderson, Martin, Rothfuss)

> bob

I'm sorry, I haven't read that person's books before.

What is your favorite class? (ComputerScience, English, Lunch)


Writing is great, but the correct answer was “Computer Science.” I’d also accept “lunch.”