Legendary Projects
Top DHS Games of all Time

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Developed by Horde Games
Hassan Farah, Aaron Ren, Paul McFall, and Grayson Curran

Enter Guychoto: Guychotomy's grandson and a new student at Cranium Technical High School! With the PROM being only 10 days away, he feels insecure at his lack of relationship experience. Motivated by this, he resolves to not only attain one date, but as many as he can to the PROM! 

Each chapter will end in a Rizz-Off, in which you will attempt to Rizz-up your opponent by choosing one of three cards.  You may choose to draw a new hand with the button above the cards. You must tip the scale in your favor to successfully attain as many PROM dates as possible! 


Developed by Lang Biang Corp
George Feibusch, Nerissa Wong, Luna Miranda, and Aidan Hanley

You wake up as the new test subject in a laboratory terrorized by a sinister artificial intelligence robot, B.H.A.R.G.A.V. Isolated from society, you must navigate through a series of tests to escape to freedom with the only tools you have, a portal gun…and sheer willpower.


Developed by Steven Studios
Alan Liu, Josh Lin, Steven Kuo, and Steven Ying

JARVIS (Just Another Random VIdeogame Sandbox) is an open world 2D sandbox game based on Terraria with random world generation. 

Featuring unique enemies, multiple biomes, and a gun, JARVIS combines the features of adventure, building, and combat. Items can be used with left and right click, with different functionality for each option. 


Developed by Monkey Business
George Darraj, Jackson Morgan, Patrick Brayton, and Jason Lu

Frey Battle Simulator is about a remote place filled with gang

wars and illicit activities where you must catch powerful creatures called exotics to defend yourself.

Extreme tensions between multiple parties have been arising over the control of Monkey Town, a valuable crossroad for illegal hand sanitizer smuggling. Many opposing groups have been going all out to capture Monkey Town in order to foster their nefarious plots. One person by the name of Frey has been building up behind the scenes to try and seize control over Monkey Town and all surrounding areas by summoning a godly exotic.

You must stop Frey's god of an exotic and put an end to multiple gangs and government organizations in order

to restore peace to Monkey Town and its neighboring regions.


Developed by Steven Studios
Alan Liu, Josh Lin, Steven Kuo, and Steven Ying

Welcome to JARVA, JustAnotherRandomVideogameArena! 

This game integrates is a bullet-hell shooter inspired by games like Enter the Gungeon.



Developed by Gecko Inc
Jakub Kotoulek, Antonio Deneer, Matt Lin, and Johnathan Mann

Quest is a Mario-style-platformer that rewards precise jumping. 

Progress through 5 different worlds by overcoming multiple obstacles such as lava, mutant turtles, and deadly birds. 

And if you are up for a challenge, try beating it on INSANE. 


Developed by Blue Corporation
Brady Baxter, David Guan, and Ryan Stein

Star Blue Valley is an interactive farming simulator. You play as the farmer and till the soil, grow and harvest crops, and then sell them to the market.

Use a variety of tools to work the land for your crops. Progress father in the game to raise other plants and animals and make even more money!