Year Two - Spring 2023

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Developed by Seahaze Studios
Davy Ling, Anthony Hennawi, and Henry Zhang

You are a mech pilot aligned with the Remnant Division, 

a 22nd century force fighting to protect the Earth from 

the Dominion, an alien empire with an army of cyborg insects.

Forty years ago, they colonized Earth in a landslide victory

and is squeezing Earth dry of its Azurium, a highly valuable

substance in the Universe present in abundance on Earth.

You will engage these fearsome creatures in combat on a

variety of terrains, not only in the caverns and wrecked 

surface of planet Earth, but in the mysterious atmosphere

of outer space. Helping you is a variety of support pilots,

as well as upgrades you can add to your gunner-walker mech.

Along the way, meet the Confluence and thoroughly explore

the world of 2110s Earth.


Developed by Horde Games
Hassan Farah, Aaron Ren, Paul McFall, and Grayson Curran

Enter Guychoto: Guychotomy's grandson and a new student at Cranium Technical High School! With the PROM being only 10 days away, he feels insecure at his lack of relationship experience. Motivated by this, he resolves to not only attain one date, but as many as he can to the PROM! 

Join Guychoto on his journey to traverse the social landscape of CTH, and attempt to slowly but surely establish meaningful relationships between Monster and Human in the post-World War D (World War DIECHOTOMY) environment.

Each chapter will end in a Rizz-Off, in which you will attempt to Rizz-up your opponent by choosing one of three cards.  You may choose to draw a new hand with the button above the cards. You must tip the scale in your favor to successfully attain as many PROM dates as possible! 


Developed by Lang Biang Corp
George Feibusch, Nerissa Wong, Luna Miranda, and Aidan Hanley

You wake up as the new test subject in a laboratory terrorized by a sinister artificial intelligence robot, B.H.A.R.G.A.V. Isolated from society, you must navigate through a series of tests to escape to freedom with the only tools you have, a portal gun…and sheer willpower.


Developed by StackOverflow Games
Colby Betterton, Tyler Dailey, and Some Other

Ground Knight is a metroidvania where the player must escape the underground caverns they've been placed in by a very evil wizard. As they explore, beat levels, and slay beasts, the player must collect vital upgrades in order to explore further. Eventually, they will fight their way out of these caverns, slay the evil Wizard King, and escape.


Developed by Blue Corporation
Brady Baxter, David Guan, and Ryan Stein

Star Blue Valley is a sidescrolling interactive farming simulator. You play as the farmer and till the soil, grow and harvest crops, and then sell them to the market.

Use a variety of tools to work the land for your crops. Progress father in the game to raise other plants and animals and make even more money!


Developed by Yang Yang Hu Hu
Shiqi Yang and Andrew Hu

You wash up on an unknown island with unknown horrors.  Explore the land, interact with it's inhabitants, and find a way to escape...before you stay there forever...


Developed by Cool Math Games
Bhargav Srinivasan, William Lamousin, and Logan Tao

Welcome to Frog Sim!! Your job is to complete the life cycle of a frog - by collecting frogs to join your pack, breeding in breeding pools, and destroying toads!

Contact wild frogs (black eyes) to merge them into your pack. Then roam the separate biomes in your world to find unique frogs with special abilities and pretty designs to join your squad. 

Get close to a breeding pool to increase the size of your pack! Once ready, giant toads will start attacking you. You might even fight a king toad with its army!


Developed by Rat-Man Games
Garrett Franklin, Jacob Hauptman

Trello Download  (Requires Install)

In this spine-chilling horror game, you awaken in a creepy, dimly lit abandoned house filled with mysterious puzzles to solve, such as finding hidden keys and deciphering cryptic messages. Your ultimate objective is to escape the house unscathed, all while being relentlessly hunted by a fearsome monster. 

To evade the creature and stay out of harm's way, you must rely on your wits and take cover in closets or under beds, but beware - your hiding spots won't keep you safe for long. Will you be able to escape the clutches of the monster and make it out of the house alive? Only time will tell.

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