Year One - Spring 2022

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Developed by Steven Studios
Alan Liu, Josh Lin, Steven Kuo, and Steven Ying

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Welcome to JARVA, JustAnotherRandomVideogameArena! 

This game integrates is a bullet-hell shooter inspired by games like Enter the Gungeon.



Developed by Dragon Flare Studios
Josh Garafalo and Alex Petrovskikh 

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Developed by Gecko Inc
Jakub Kotoulek

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The game is a space-shooter with the ability to turn with your mouse. You are tasked to take down all the enemies using your skills and bravery. 


WASD = Movement keys

Moving Mouse = Aiming

Left Mouse Button = Shooting

Pressing escape or dying = Enters title screen.

Pressing space in title screen = Starts game.


Developed by Falcon Studios
Alex Shaw, Andrew Podles, Ben Lipchin, and Jonathan Mann

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Tank Commanders is a combat based battle game where tanks move around the screen and attempt to kill the other tanks while avoiding getting hit. 

There is a campaign and multiplayer where two people face off against each other.


Developed by Goblin Studios
Atticus Nemeroff and Max Murphey

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HP OFFICE JET PRO 6973 WIRELESS ALL-IN-ONE INSTANT INK READY PRINTER, a voice beckons. As you come to realize your surroundings, the bullets of ink start to fall.

Avoid the ink, fire at the enemy, and come out alive in a bullet hell inspired by games like Touhou and Enter the Gungeon.


- Mouse Cursor = Player movement

- Shoot = automatically fires

- Thats it


Developed by Adventure Studios
Ananya Jagdish and Shrayaa Jayapal

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Squeak the penguin has to cross the platforms. The controls for moving are WASD, with W causing Squeak to jump while the X key allows Squeak to shoot at enemies. The mushroom and fish enemies don't want Squeak to pass through. Avoid the enemies by shooting at them. Avoid enemy fire by ducking via the S key. 


Developed by Peak Coding Coin
Andrew Cupps, Ryan Tiedemann, and Esha Singhai

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Our project is capable of running a basic three-game state transition and plague. The characteristics of this plague are included in the display for it, detailed in a screenshot. Citizens of the generated town spend half the day at home and half the day at their workplace, and have a chance to become infected during this process. This infection is based on the r-naught value. This process repeats over and over again, eventually resulting in the plague’s total eradication or total infection.


Developed by Spikey Studios
Shay Sehgal and Elise Tinker

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Although it may look like Pacman at first glance, there is a slight twist. Instead of regular pellets, they're spikey. 

All the other functions are the game are inspired and exactly like the classic game of Pacman. 

We hope you enjoy playing!


Developed by Accurate Simulations
Zach Mohammedi

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The objective of the game is to fly around an expansive solar system. You will fly your spaceship around using accurate orbital mechanics. You can land on planets and you get a trophy item for every planet you land on (as soon as you find it and click on it). Once you collect all the trophies, you win. 

If you run out of fuel, you loose.


Developed by Dragonflare Studios
Alex Petrovskikh

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2D platformer game with the goal of beating each level as fast as possible. Each level gets harder and harder. Game is still WIP so more contend and levels incoming!