Design Project
Work in teams to develop a mid-sized program


[10] Checkpoint #1 ~ 2 weeks (Late October)

  • Running program with divided roles

  • Share a running program with Mr. M at your computer

  • Briefly summarize your progress with the class

[10] Checkpoint #2 ~ 4 weeks (Early November)

  • A rough engine with some core features

  • Demonstrate your game to the class + share updates

[10] Checkpoint #3 ~ 6 weeks (Late November)

  • Minimum viable product - barebones functionality, limited states

  • Demonstrate your game to the class + share updates

[20] Alpha ~ 8 weeks (Early December)

  • Almost complete - may contain bugs or janky art

  • Submit executable in zip file to Mr. M for our class to play and test

[20] Beta ~ 10 weeks (Before Winter Break)

  • Feature complete with minimal bugs

  • Submit executable in zip file to Mr. M for our class to play and test

[50] Release ~ 12 weeks (Before End of Q2)

  • Your final product

  • Submit executable in zip file to Mr. M for *all classes* to playtest


You will create a functional and readable design document and maintain its updates throughout the project.

Format + Setup

  • Your document must be in a Google Doc

    • Any additional files must be linked from inside the document's title or link page.

  • Permissions

    • All members and Mr. M have write permission

    • All BCPS students with the link have read permission

      • This is going to be linked on the design page for peers to see!


  • The document should be internally linked and organized.

    • Can use google's outline feature, a table of contents, etc...

  • A list of tasks to complete in an approximate order + a way to flag them as done

    • This shouldn't have dates attached. Just priorities.

    • We'll do deadlines in the Contract (see below).

  • A list of roles + responsibilities

    • Maintaining the design document + contract is a responsibility

    • All members can contribute, but one person should be the "lead" on this

  • A list of all game states in your program and how you move from one to another

  • A list of all major classes and relevant inheritance hierarchy / relationships

    • Could be a diagram or an outline

Optional Things To Include

  • Game content list: level themes, enemies, powerups, unit types, abilities

  • Asset lists: art, music, script/story elements

Charlie's Design Document is insufficiently organized. But props for the diagramming.


Create a copy of this document then share it with Mr. M as an editor.
Eventually, he will take ownership of this document!

What is the Project Manager?

    • This person is in charge of organizing the team, understanding progress on goals, and communication with Mr, M.

    • When the contract needs to be amended, the Project Manager will share changes with Mr. M. All members must be in agreement with any change.

What are roles I might list for a team member?

    • Please keep it broad in this document, since things might change.

    • Pick from this list OR get approval for another title

      • Programmer

        • Back-End Programmer

        • Front-End Programmer

      • Project Manager

      • Designer

      • Artist

      • Musician

      • Writer

    • All members must have at least one programming job

    • Please list the jobs in order of significance to their time spent / dedication