Astraeus Player's Guide


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Shields provide are the first layer of defense for a ship.

  • Shields take +20% damage from energy weapons

  • Shields regenerate over time. This effect is disabled briefly after taking damage.

  • Shields provide less block than plating or structure.

Name Description

Shield Adds 300 Shield and 2% Block. Regenerate 3 shield per second.


Plating is the second layer of defense for a ship.

  • Plating takes +20% damage from kinetic weapons

  • Plating provides the largest block value.

Name Description

Plating Adds 300 Plating and 6% Block.


Structure is the final later of defense for a ship.

  • Structure takes +10% damage from explosive weapons

  • Structural damage causes the ship to be slowed by up to 50% until repaired.

  • Repair efficiency provides a bonus to all repair actions on the ship.

Name Description

Structure Adds 300 Structure, 3% Block, and 25% repair efficiency.


Utility upgrades can provide many different bonuses to ships. These include additional capacity, speed, and reduced cooldowns.

Name Description

Cargo Bay +6 capacity

Nanobot Hull +6 self-repair per second

Optimized Algorithms -20% weapon use time and cooldown

Rangefinder +35% accuracy and +15% max range

Quick Thrusters Provides a 50% bonus to acceleration <Not Implemented>

Command Relay Provides a damage bonus to nearby units <Not Implemented>