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Patch 1.1.2 - TBD   Coming Soon

Patch 1.1.1 - Energy Web     February 2nd, 2023

Credit to team kszed for developing an exceptionally effective light unit strategy!

Minor Update 1.1.0 - The Upgrade Update January 31, 2023

Difficulty scaling is fixed, hooray.

New acceleration rules will benefit teams with precise movement.

The real contest:  Fuego vs. Old Feugo

Who needs defense, anyway?

Patch 1.0.2 - The Frame Patch January 13, 2023

Bhargav is better than kszed?  Fuego tempts the gods of recursion with such taunts.

Last year's runner-up is still going strong during informal testing.  Well done, Excelsus!

Patch 1.0.1 - Balance and Bugs January 9, 2023

Your team's portrait is now visible during the game. Shiny!

Firing of a large number of missiles in a line may be less effective, as they have reduced distance and accuracy on a miss.  Splash damage is also reduced by dodge chance.  This makes Artemis a little less effective with her mass missile strategy.

Shields were too strong because regeneration wasn't being properly disabled on damage.  This bug has been fixed, and pulse effects rebalanced accordingly.

Major Update 1.0.0 - Season Two       December 12, 2022

Patch 0.17.1   March 30, 2022

Minor Update 0.17.0 - Opening the Rift March 29, 2022


Due to a code refactor, this patch is mandatory before testing.  Your team will not currently compile until the constructor is changed to the setup() method.  See instructions below.

Minor Update 0.16.0 - Glory of Zeus March 20, 2022


  The most significant changes to this patch are: (1) Reducing difficulty for students during trials by expanding the benefits of the bonus provided at each tier to include damage and (2) Reducing the effectiveness of hit-and-run attacks with long range heavy weapons..  This patch contains substantial balance changes;  it is recommended that all students download it.

Frames and Movement Speed


Zeus has extremely effective skirmishers that hunt down vulnerable units.

Minor Update 0.15.0 - Athena's Command March 16, 2022


This patch is mostly devoted to the development of Athena and the Command Relay.  Since the C++ tournament is coming up soon, I am keeping balance changes to a minimum. 

Athena uses the command aura to bolster her fleet's damage in battle.

Patch 0.14.1 - Hades and Rush Reduction March 10, 2022


This patch includes some initial responses and improvements to 0.14.0.  Most notably, the dodge increases made it possible to "dive rush" workers, ignoring the enemy base.  This strategy was almost impossible to counter.  

It was also easy to late game simply rush the base ship and ignore the enemy fleet, destroying it - even while under direct fire the whole time. 

These changes intend to make both forms of rush remain viable, but require a bit more sophistication to pull off. 

Minor Update 0.14.0 - Big Bonus Buffs March 8, 2022

When a weapon is cooling down, it is represented by a green bar.

Stun and Pulse now have a visual effects in addition to spinning and changing the shield bar

Patch 0.13.1 - Apollo and Aegis March 2, 2022

Battling Apollo on Delphi Temple is now available

Minor Update 0.13.0 - Defenses Reforged March 1, 2022

Damage can now be mitigated through BLOCK or DODGE.

Mass Driver is an effective weapon to disrupt enemies at close range.  Excellent for harrying snipers or for tanks to hold off incoming threats.

Minor Update 0.12.0 - Big Frames and Big Booms

Cataclysm Rockets make a big impact

Railgun shatters a unit's defenses

Anti-Missile System shooting down incoming rockets

Minor Update 0.11.0 - Shadow and Flame 

Patch 0.10.2 - Quality of Life

Patch 0.10.1

Minor Update 0.10.0 - Latency and Utility

Patch 0.9.8 - Map System

Patch 0.9.7 - Balance

Patch 0.9.6 - Balance

Patch 0.9.5 - Bugs

Patch 0.9.4 - Balance

Patch 0.9.3 - Art Styles

Patch 0.9.2 - Balance

Patch 0.9.1 - More Boons

Minor Update 0.9.0 - Streamlining

Minor Update 0.8.0 - The Interface Update 

Minor Update 0.7.0 - Going Public