Astraeus Player's Guide


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  • Asteroid - Can be mined for minerals.

  • Derelict - Can be mined for scrap.

  • Minerals - The resource in the game that is used to build ships and components. They can be found free-floating or mined from asteroids.

  • Node - An point that can be mined for resources. Either an asteroid or a derelict.

  • Scrap - Functionally identical to minerals. Scrap can be found free-floating, mined from derelict ships, or from destroyed player units.


  • Acceleration - The rate at which you ship can change directions. Turning is instant, but high acceleration is needed to adjust your ship's actual movement due to momentum.

  • Component - A component is either an upgrade or a weapon, and can occupy between 1, 2, or 3 slots based on its size and power.

  • Frame - The size category of a unit. Determines the unit's weight. See units.

    • Light - Fast moving but low structure. 2 component slots.

    • Medium - Average speed and structure 4 component slots.

    • Heavy - Slow moving with high structure. 6 component slots.

    • Assault - Extremely slow but highly durable. 8 component slots.

  • Speed - How fast your ship can move.

  • Style - The appearance of a unit. Entirely cosmetic. See units for a list of styles, and art for instructions on how to make your own images.


  • Shield - A first layer of defense that regenerates over time. Shields are weak against energy weapon types. See units.

  • Plating - A second layer of defense that protects the ship's structure. Plating is weak against kinetic weapon damage types. See units.

  • Structure - Your unit's core health. A ship's speed is reduced by up to 50% as it takes structural damage. If this hits zero, the unit is destroyed. Structure is weak against explosive damage types. See units.

  • Dodge Chance - A percentage chance to avoid incoming attacks, equal to the unit's current speed.


  • Damage - How much damage a weapon deals per shot

  • Damage Type - Applies a modifier against different defenses

    • Energy - Adds 20% damage vs Shield

    • Kinetic - Adds 20% damage vs Plating

    • Explosive - Adds 10% damage vs Structure

  • Num Shots - How many shots a weapon fires per use

  • Accuracy - Reduces the target's dodge chance by a percentage. This value ranges from 0 to 100.

    • For example, a unit with 70% accuracy attacking a unit with 40% dodge reduces the dodge bonus to 12%. As a result, they have an 88% chance to hit.

  • Use Time - How long it takes to activate a weapon. While a weapon is active, the unit cannot turn and may have a move penalty.

  • Cooldown Time - How long it takes to use a weapon again after it was activated.

  • Movement Penalty - The maximum speed reduction applied while a weapon is in use.

    • Light - 5% penalty all the time and an additional 25% penalty while being used

    • Medium - 10% penalty all the time and an additional 50% penalty while being used

    • Heavy - 15% penalty all the time and an additional 75% penalty while being used


  • Burning - Damage over time equal to a percentage of its maximum structure

  • Immobilized - Unit cannot move at all for the duration

  • Pulse - Shield cannot regenerate by any means for the duration

  • Shattered - Takes additional damage from all incoming attacks

  • Slow - Less max speed and acceleration

  • Stun - Cannot act, turn, or accelerate - but motion is preserved.