Astraeus Player's Guide

Settings and Controls


  • You can modify the game's default settings by modifying the Engine--> Settings

  • Some elements that can be customized include:

    • Music and Sound

    • Map Pools

    • Graphics and Information Displayed

    • Debug Output


Mouse Controls

  • Left clicking on a Unit will display its attributes in the bottom right panel

  • Right clicking and dragging will move the camera

Keyboard Controls

Core Controls

    • WASD can be used to move the camera.

    • Spacebar pauses the game

    • Number keys modify the speed

      • 1 --> 1x Speed

      • 2 --> 2x Speed

      • 3 --> 5x Speed

      • 4 --> 10x Speed

      • 5 --> 20x Speed

      • 0 --> 100x Speed (Unsupported - may cause lag)

    • CTRL-R is a hard restart, bringing the game to the main menu

    • SHIFT-R is a soft restart, rerolling the map and starting this same match over again

Information and Media

    • I will switch between information modes (Low, Medium, and High)

    • O will switch between graphic modes (Fancy and Fast)

    • M will toggle all sound on and off

    • Q will toggle the left player's drawings

    • E will toggle the right player's drawings

    • G will toggle the coordinate grid

    • B will toggle the map borders