Astraeus Player's Guide

My First Unit


The Basics

  • In Astraeus your team can have as many unit types as you would like, and each unit is defined in its own class.

  • Units are really defined by a few attributes:

    • Frame - Each unit is either LIGHT, MEDIUM, HEAVY, or ASSAULT.

    • Style - Each unit can choose one of several images to set its appearance.

    • Weapons - Each unit can have up to two weapons that can be used

    • Upgrades - Each unit has passive upgrades that improve defenses or provide bonuses

    • Behavior - Each unit has unique code in its action method and can behave in its own way

You may also want to explore the Units, Weapons, and Upgrades reference pages.


Getting Started

  • Find your Fighter Unit and make a copy of it in the Unit folder. Let's call this unit TANK.

  • Make sure you modify your team's code rather than copying the code below!

Customizing the Tank

  • The tank is going to get up close to enemies rather than running away

  • It is using more of its slots on defenses than the Fighter class.

  • Use the Fighter class as a base and change some lines

public class Tank extends MyTeamUnit


public Tank (MyTeamPlayer p)




public void design()




addWeapon(new MachineGun(this));

addWeapon(new SmallLaser(this)); // remove this line

addUpgrade(new Plating(this));

addUpgrade(new Plating(this));

addUpgrade(new Shield(this));


public void action()


// You can modify this method to have different behavior



Player Class - Building the Tank

  • We decide which units to build in the player's strategy method

  • Add the tank as an option to build. You can certainly change the ratios!

public void strategy()


if(getFleetValuePercentage(Worker.class) < .5f)


buildUnit(new Gatherer(this));


else if(getFleetValuePercentage(Tank.class) < .2f)


buildUnit(new Tank(this));




buildUnit(new Fighter(this));



Run your code. How does this unit work with the other fighters?


Some Unit Ideas

  • Snipers have a long range weapon like a Railgun, Brightlance, or Missiles but do not have any defenses. They try to keep their distance and stay behind the tanks.

  • Skirmishers are very quick and try to strike weak opponents like Collectors or Snipers.

  • Support units might only have weapons that assist allies or disable opponents, such as the Repair Beam or Anti Missile System. They have very different behavior from other combat units.