Project 3.6: Bounce Back
Create a program with hundreds of bouncing balls


Create a program that displays hundreds of bouncing balls

  • You must have at least 200 balls that bounce around the screen

  • Each ball should be assigned a starting position, color, speed, and size at creation

    • The balls should start at a random point on the screen.

    • The ball should be assigned a random color.

    • The xSpeed and ySpeed should be between -5 and 5.

    • The ball should be 20 pixels tall and 20 pixels wide.

  • The balls do not need to interact with each other - they'll move right through

FAQ / Tips


      • Build a simple Ball class

        • Random starting x and y position

      • Have an array of Ball objects

      • Make them display (write a "render" method)

      • Make them move (write an "update" method)

      • Add in more functionality to the Ball class

        • Different colors

        • Bouncing off the edges

Any other advice?

    • This project is a mix of Snowfall and Bounce

    • Use your old projects as a reference if you get stuck

    • This is pretty straightforward if you understood those two previous projects!


Click here to download a running version of the program.