Encryption and Security
Learn how data is encrypted and how to keep your accounts secure


Encryption and Public Keys

  • Define encryption

  • Define decryption

  • How does a Caesar Cipher work?

    • Given a message and key, be able to encrypt and decrypt a method

    • What are the problems with a Caesar Cipher?

  • How would using a 10 digit key change the security of a Caeser Cipher?

  • How does increasing a key's length impact the difficulty of cracking a cipher?

  • What is symmetric encryption?

    • What's the problem with this system?

  • Describe how public key encryption works in broad terms

Public Key Cryptography

  • What term is used to describe a public and private pair of keys?

  • Who can use see public key?

  • Who can see your private key?

  • What is the point of encrypting something with my private key?

Computerphile - How To Choose A Good Password

  • What two things do you need to look at for every password?

    • What two kinds of attacks does it need to protect against?

  • Why does Mike think passwords are a bad authentication system?

  • What's wrong with using Tr0ub4dor as a password?

  • What's the XKCD argument for "correcthorsebatterystaple"

  • What is his advice to someone using this style of password system?

  • How does a password manager work?

  • Is it safe to reuse passwords? Why or why not?