Binary, Bits, and Bytes
Learn how numbers and data are encoded in a computer system


Crash Course #4 - Binary Numbers and Letters with Binary

  • Define Binary

  • Define Bit

  • Convert a binary value to decimal

  • How many colors did an 8 bit game have access to?

  • Define Byte

  • What is the first bit in a binary number usually used to represent?

  • Define Floating Point Numbers

  • Define ASCII

  • What do the values 65 and 97 represent in ASCII?

  • How many values are on the extended ASCII table?

  • What does mojibake mean?

Numberphile - 15 and Hexadecimal

  • Hexadecimal is also known as base _____.

  • Why is hexadecimal useful for programmers who want to understand memory addresses in a computer?

    • Advantages over binary?

    • Advantages over decimal?

Number System Conversions

  • Read the text tutorial and/or watch the video tutorial and then practice.

  • Master how to convert between Decimal and each of the three number systems. Your quiz will ask you to do a few conversions to test your ability. If you don’t love these sources, feel free to use any others you find online!

  • Decimal <-----> Binary Conversion (both ways)

  • Decimal <-----> Octal Conversion (both ways)

  • Decimal <-----> Hexadecimal Conversion (both ways)