Big Data
Learn how data can be used to drive decision making


TED - Big Data Is Better Data

  • How do people feel about apple pie?

  • Data has gone from a stock to a _______.

  • If you have a cellphone, what are carriers able to track?

  • What does Kenneth think we can predict in the next 5 seconds based on posture?

  • What field within computer science relies heavily on Big Data that has been growing rapidly in recent years?

  • What is predictive policing, and why are people worried about it?

  • What impact will Big Data have on white collar labor, like a lab technician?

  • How we handle Big Data is similar to the problem early man faced with _____.

Data and Medicine

  • How many letters long is a human DNA sequence?

  • How did Big Data save Josh's life?

  • What did they treat him with?

  • What disease is Bill Gates trying to eradicate?

  • His goal is to go from ____ to ____ percent coverage.

TED - The Power of Metadata

  • What was Deepak's friend able to predict about his life from his communications graph?

  • What is metadata?

  • Traditionally, emails are sorted in what way?

  • Given the road trip example, what two things do people value?

  • What software did they develop to change how we look at emails?

  • Deepak says we should be very mindful of the _______ _______ of personal information of other people through our own data.

  • What was a Buddhist monk's advice to Richard Feymann, which best encapsulates the double edged nature of metadata?